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Huge Clinker Brick Sale

Posted on 4 March 2016
Huge Clinker Brick Sale
Huge Red Blue Clinker Bricks Sale

100% reclaimed, red-blue clinker bricks. Beautifully cleaned and restored in excellent condition.

Special offer. 0.99c each delivered within the Melbourne metro area. No holds. No rain checks. Minimum of 500 per order. Maximum of 20,000 available.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Conditions Apply. Contact us for more details. 1300 326 754. Offer valid until March 31.

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We're Hiring! HR Manager

Posted on 9 February 2016

How would you like to work for one of Australia's leaders in sustainabilty and waste management? Do you have what it takes to lead a capable and dedicated team.
Why not join us?

Human Resource Manager - Part Time
Clayton based
2 days per week (initially)

Organisation at the forefront of environmental sustainability

Flexible hours

EcoGroup is a medium sized, ethically motivated and dynamic family business employing fantastic people who work at our Clayton operations and off site. We are engaged in four strategic activities:

Specialist domestic and commercial demolition and excavation;
Construction and demolition materials recycling;
Recycled bricks and pavers, roof tiles, mulch, timber briquettes
Crushed brick production

Our business has been steadily growing and while the GMs have been managing the HR essentials well, we are now ready to employ an expert in the field who can help us be a leader in our industry with a culture and policies that show how we value employees. We want best practice, transparent and organised development structures, flexible work arrangements and an EVP that will help us attract and retain the best and happiest people who demonstrate these values all the way down the service chain to our customers.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to add value and make a difference through your exceptional HR Manager skills?

We are looking for a suitable candidate with relevant qualifications and experience to manage the Human Resources and Industrial Relations of our team. You will work as a valued member of and advisor to the management team to proactively lead the people strategies of the organisation. We want you to build relationships with all stakeholders of the organisation to initiate and implement new 'people' initiatives and assist managers with change aimed to continuously improve the overall employee working environment.

The ideal candidate will have a passion to work with a diverse team, proven ability to develop initiatives that promote positive organisational culture and demonstrated adaptability to thrive in a continually evolving workplace environment.

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We're Hiring! - Sales Manager

Posted on 9 February 2016

How would you like to work for one of Australia's leaders in sustainabilty and waste management? Do you have what it takes to lead a capable and dedicated team.

Why not join us?

Australian Owned and Operated Company. Established in 1991, Eco Group is engaged in four strategic activities: specialist domestic and commercial demolition and excavation, construction and demolition materials recycling, recycled bricks and pavers, roof tiles, mulch, timber briquettes and crushed brick production.

Eco Group has become a leader in the fields of demolition and excavation, recycling, waste management and recycled building products. Eco Group has achieved a reputation for being a progressive and innovative leader in its field and stands apart from its competitors operating primarily to maximise salvageable materials from each demolition and minimise waste to landfill.

We are looking for a Sales Manager who can:

  • Oversee the day to day sales of the Group
  • Oversee and manage the implementation of strategic business sales objectives and process improvements
  • Ensure sales performance meets or exceeds budget and that sales forecasting is accurate and reliable to enhance revenue

If this sounds like the role you've been waiting for, give us a call or email us at and we can send you through the full position description.

Eco Group is an equal opportunity employer.

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How to replace a broken roof tile

Posted on 2 February 2016
How to replace a broken roof tile

Replacing roof tiles can be a quick and easy DIY job, but there are a few things that must be done to ensure the roof is fixed correctly.

1. Match your roof tiles exactly
The most common tile types are concrete and terracotta.
Roof tiles may all look very similar but they can vary slightly in thickness, length and shape.
You must ensure it is the same type of tile or it may disrupt the flow of your roof and can result in further damage.  If you don't know what the tile is, bring the tile in to us here at EcoGroup, we should be able to match it for you.

2. Climb on to the roof
Climbing on to the roof needs be done safely. Make sure your ladder is strong and stable and you could even use harnesses and ropes to ensure your safety, particularly with a roof that has a steep incline or is slippery. If you're not so great with heights call in a professional. Falling off a roof can be deadly.

3. Remove the broken tile
Once you have safely gotten to the broken tile, you'll need to lift up the tiles next-door, overlapping tile. This will lift the overlapping tiles on the row above, so the tile you want to remove should come out easily. If your tiles aren't lifting, they may have nails holding them in place. If so, lift up the bottoms of the overhanging tiles in the row above, pry the nail out of your tile and then lift it out.

4.  Replace the tile with the new tile
Lift up the bottom of the tiles from the row above and slide your tile back into place. If your tiles have been nailed, then drive a nail through the hole in the tile into the timber roof batten. Once all your tiles are in, give them any minor adjustments required to settle them in place.

You're done! Climb down off the roof safely and head back inside and under your newly fixed roof.

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New Year, New Website, New Branding

Posted on 14 January 2016
New Year, New Website, New Branding
You may have noticed we've updated our logo as well as launching our brand new website. Starting the year off all sparkly and clean, pretty good for a demo and recycling company! So we thought we had better clean up some of our bins and trucks to match. This one is getting cleaned up at the moment so we can add the new look signage. We'll check back in once this one is all done.
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