By utilising bricks supplied by EcoGroup, I was able to construct a period home which ensured an authentic and quality finish.

Our clients have been extremely happy with the look of bricks purchased from EcoGroup, it was just what they wanted to create the heritage feel for their unit site development.

The beauty of using recycled bricks is that there is minimal movement when rendering.

I love your product as further to the environmental benefits I find it really convenient and so much easier on my back and hands than big lumps of timber and so, so much cleaner. Often timber from timber yards is just so filthy it creates much more housework and I can well do without that! The briquettes burn really well, are eco friendly, economical and my firebox loves them.

Efficient, flexible and accommodating. Completed the demolition work as agreed and in a timely manner with a friendly crew.

What our
clients say

We love the look of the gorgeous crushed brick, it drains well and even looks like the beautiful ...

The Road Stall, Monbulk

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