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Largest range of recycled bricks and pavers.

We're loud and proud about our love for recycled bricks. So, it's no surprise that we're Australia's leading supplier. Whether you're building, renovating, or repairing, our extensive range means we'll have the right bricks for you. For landscaping projects, we also have a vast range of recycled pavers.

Why use recycled bricks? Here's some of the many benefits:

  • They're up to 20% cheaper than new bricks
  • They preserve the environment reducing waste to landfill and carbon emissions
  • For period homes, they provide an immediate patina of age and charm not possible with new bricks

Our comprehensive service includes product advice, colour matching (for seamless renovations), and competitive pricing. Bricks available include Rustic Reds, Coachhouse Greys, Clinkers, handmade bricks dating back to the late 1880s, rare Hawthorn Black and Browns, and builder's bricks suitable for rendering.

Our products are lovingly recycled. What some refer to as chipped, cracked, have variations and imperfections, we like to refer to as character and key features of the brick. So please note, these are not newly manufactured bricks. That's what makes them so wonderful.

Our unique brick-cleaning process leverages sophisticated Danish technology (one of only two machines in the world), and guarantees your recycled bricks will look as good as new. Not only do you get distinctive aesthetics and character, you can also be happy that you've lessened your eco-footprint during the building process.

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EcoToppings is a richly-coloured, high-end decorative product used for landscaping. Ideal for pathways, driveways, bike tracks, and landscaping features, it compacts to a smooth yet permeable surface.

Benefits include:

  • Compacts securely, ensuring it won't blow away
  • Provides good traction to prevent slipping on sloping pathways
  • Is easy to clean, and won't fade or discolour
  • Permeable, allowing water to seep into the earth
  • Inert, with no chemical effect on soil
  • Sustainably made from 100% recycled bricks
  • Inexpensive compared to equivalent quarried products

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Red Porous Crushed Brick

Our red porous crushed brick (otherwise known as red brick dust) is crushed to 2.5mm, and is ideal for surfacing clay tennis courts and baseball diamonds. Crushed from 100% red recycled bricks, it's a great environmentally-friendly option for club owners and sports fans. Our red porous crushed brick comes in 1m3 bulk bags, 25kg bags, or loose by the cubic metre.

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Brick products

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