Site remediation


We can remediate your site.

You might be wondering what on earth is site remediation? You're not alone. Very simply, it's the process of removing pollutants and contaminants from the ground.

You may require site remediation as a condition of your proposed planning permit, if you have asbestos in your soil, or if there are decommissioned fuel storage tanks underground.

At EcoGroup, we offer a specialised site remediation service which includes:

  1. Determining if your site requires clean-up via soil and water contamination tests
  2. Locating contaminants (which may just exist in hotspots)
  3. Consultation with hygienists to provide a cost-effective and practical outcome

In 2009, we oversaw the urgent decontamination and remediation of 230 bushfire-affected sites in Victoria. This involved project management and coordination of a specialist multi-skilled workforce, plant, and equipment proof of our expertise in this area.

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