Red-Blue Clinker Bricks

Our Most Unique Recycled Brick Product

Notable for their distinct auburn colour and delicate bluish tinge, these bricks are the perfect product to bring your build to life. Our red/ blue bricks are 100% recycled so your home can look stylish and remain free of environmental impact. Whether you're building a new home, a feature wall or adding character to your home through this uniquely dynamic product, these bricks are perfect to achieve every aesthetic. 


Key Features:

  • Unique red/blue blend that cannot be replicated in brand new bricks.
  • Textured to add a layer of sophistication to any build. 
  • Architects #1 choice of recycled brick.
  • Coal-infused brick to create unique colour diversity in every brick.
  • Notably utilised for federation-style homes and contemporary urban builds. 

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Images courtesy of Cos Design and Erik Holt Photography.

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