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Our quality timber mulch and briquettes are second to none. 

100% recycled timber briquettes

There's nothing like a real fire, but fire wood is a pain. It's messy, time consuming to chop up, and expensive. Not to mention, felling trees should be avoided at all costs.

What if there was a better, smarter way for you to still enjoy your open fire, coonara, chiminea, campfire or pot belly? Well, there is!

EcoGroup's briquettes provide the smartest timber fire good for you and for the environment. Made from 100% recycled timber salvaged from Australian demolition sites, they're a source of bio energy that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each briquette is dry shredded timber compressed under 200 tonnes of pressure, containing no additives or accelerants.

These benefits make our briquettes a no-brainer:

  • Environmentally friendly (the only briquette made from 100% recycled timber!)
  • Compact to transport and store
  • Easy to light and use
  • Clean - no more messy firewood
  • Provide a long, clean burn with great heat and little residue
  • Suitable for a variety of burner and heating systems

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With EcoGroup's briquettes, you get an environmentally-friendly fire without sacrificing the look, smell, and warmth that only 100% timber can provide. They're supplied in packs of 12, which weigh only 10kg.


EcoGroup's mulch is an environmentally-friendly product for your garden, made from 100% recycled timber salvaged from Australian demolition sites. In addition to its clear environmental benefits, mulch:

  • Improves soil structure by aiding moisture retention
  • Helps controls weeds, as it contains no weed seed
  • Will not blow away due to its high density, so lasts longer than other mulches
  • Is compact to store and easy to use

Our mulch is provided loose by the cubic metre or compressed in convenient 10kg carry packs.


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Timber products

The only briquette made
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