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Here at EcoGroup we're on a mission to transform the demolition, construction, and landscaping industries by providing a green alternative. Our range of innovative services and products deliver exceptional results, with groundbreaking benefits for both our customers and the environment.

We are industry leaders in demolition, recycling, and recycled construction and landscaping materials, specialising in the sustainable restoration of bricks. We believe in facilitating a circular economy so that we can produce premium building materials that don't compromise the world around us. 

Designers and architects alike are turning towards recycled bricks to give character and class to their high-quality builds.

Take the leap of faith and build your dream home today.

Latest News

EcoGroup receives a Green Star Certification

Jun 29 2023
EcoGroup is proud to be a Member of the Green Building Council of Australia receiving a Green Star compliance certification at its Resource Recover...


Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is a serious
business, with no room
for error when it comes
to safety.


Sustainable demolition

Organising the demolition
of your commercial or domestic
property is a complex
and often emotional process.



We provide excavation
services for commercial,
industrial and domestic
projects - as a ...


Site remediation

Site remediation is the
process of removing
contaminants from
the ground.




Brick products

We're Australia's leading supplier of recycled bricks and pavers. Whether you're building, renovating, 


Timber products

The only briquette made from 100% recycled timber, our Ecobriquettes are good for you and the



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