About us

At EcoGroup, we're all about recycling right.

We do that in a number of ways, with a range of services and products. One thing's for sure though we're not just another brick in the wall!

At the core of everything we do, lies a deep commitment to sustainability. By maximising salvageable materials and minimising the waste that goes to landfill, we're preserving the environment for generations to come. After all, what's more important than that?

We've been around since 1991, when Founder Toby Sail, a professional landscaper and environmentalist, realised the potential of using recycled bricks in landscaping works. We've since expanded into sustainable demolition and the supply of various recycled building materials and landscaping products.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we're constantly looking for new ways to innovate and recycle benefitting both our customers and the environment. As a result, we've earned a reputation for:

  • Providing the highest-quality recycled products at affordable prices; and
  • Surpassing client expectations with our friendly customer service.

We have a valued team  in excess of 45 people, all of whom are dedicated to our vision: to build a better environment by being the leader in sustainable demolition and recycled materials.

Together, we're transforming the demolition, construction, and landscaping industries by providing a green alternative. We hope you'll join us on the journey.


Our clients

We work with a range of Architects, Builders, Landscapers, and DIY Home Renovators who want to recycle right. Here are some of our valued clients.




What our
clients say

By utilising bricks supplied by EcoGroup, I was able to construct a period home which ensured an authentic and quality finish.

Michael Robinson

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