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How we make demolition sustainable

Posted on 19 July 2016
How we make demolition sustainable

How can a demolition company be sustainable?

Well we work hard at it. Constantly innovating new ways to re-use materials and recycle products.

Here's some insight into what we do.


Firstly, a 3rd party go into the buildings that are to be demolished and removed any salvageable items. Kitchens, bathrooms, floor boards, windows, doors, basically anything of value.

The roof is removed by hand if it is roof tiles. We remove the tiles, stack them on pallets and then send them back to our Clayton yard to be sold.

Then the excavators move in and carefully pull the building down. Careful not to cause too much damage to bricks and the surrounds.

All of this waste material is sent in bin trucks back to our recycling plant in Clayton until the site is completely cleared.

Once back at the Clayton yard, the trucks are weighed on our weighbridge and then sorted.

Timber is extracted

Metal is separated and resold.

Bricks are separated then go through a state of the art cleaning process and then re-stacked on pallets to sell.

All timber is shredded and either sold as Garden mulch or dried then compressed using another state of the art machine and made into briquettes for fires.

The soil is cleaned and then sold.

Any bricks that doesn't pass our stringent quality standards are crushed to make a variety of landscape toppings. Any rubble and concrete taken from site is crushed and added to some of the crushed brick to make road base material but most of the crushed brick is left pure.

Our highest quality and finest grade crushed brick is used for baseball and tennis court toppings.

There you have it! After that, there is nothing left. We try and use the lot. 

So if you're thinking about demolition, choose the better alternative for the planet. Choose EcoGroup.

If you're looking for recycled building or landscaping materials, come and have a look at our range.

60 Garden Road Clayton 1300 326 476 or look at our catalogue here.

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Demolishing your home can be emotional

Posted on 12 July 2016
Demolishing your home can be emotional

Stress. Anxiety. Lack of sleep. 

Yep, we're talking demolition.

You might think this is a blog about health or lifestyle rather than a demolition and recycled building materials blog. This is the reality though. Sometimes people decide to demolish their family home to make way for a bigger and more suitable family home. Some other people are first time investors, others are well versed in this industry but nonetheless, demolishing a house can be stressful and highly emotional.

Here at EcoGroup, we pride ourselves on making this the easiest process of your new building venture and ensure you are fully equipped to make the right decisions at the right times to keep your project on track.

We are here to help. If you have questions, call us and we'll answer them. 

If you think you have done everything you need but you're not 100% sure, we have an easy to follow check list that helps you prepare and keep things on track.

Let us take the stress out of your demolition. Click here for an online quote today or call us on 1300 326476.

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Australians are bad recyclers

Posted on 28 June 2016
Australians are bad recyclers

Do Australians understand how to recycle right?

In a recent article written for the ABC, a local landfill and recycling plant owner/operator (Mr Hannagan), commented that Australians as a whole are poor recyclers.

"You talk to Germans about [waste] and they'll pull the staple out of a tea bag to put it in the metal [recycling] bin," he said. "Then they'll open up the tea bag and that goes in the green waste bin and the rest of it goes in the paper bin and that's just how they live their life. "It's the same in Japan. They know that can go in that bin, and that bottle goes in that bin, and they'll take the labels off [because] it's just become part of their culture." In order for there to be a shift in Australia's recycling culture, Mr Hannagan believed there must first be an acknowledgement of the problem. "A lot of waste isn't getting processed, a lot of waste isn't getting recycled and it's ending up in landfills" he said.

It is a problem facing every city around Australia. With a growing population comes a growing amount of waste. What we choose to do with that waste impacts directly on our environment for future generations. Australians can recycle so much more than you would think.

Our business revolves around demolition but what many don't realise is that we recycle our waste materials rather than send that waste to landfill.

We have created our own recycling facility where all the materials are sorted, leaving a tiny 3% of the total demolition project to go to landfill. That's a whopping 97% of materials diverted from landfill.
Surely that number alone is enough to encourage demolition companies to send their waste to our recycling plant but instead, we still find companies that choose to send their waste to landfill, dumping it into giant holes in the ground. Even worse, there are companies out there that dump illegally as you can see in the picture above. This tip has risen in an abandoned field in Melbourne's north and is now so big authorities are struggling to know how to rectlfy the situation.

It makes no sense to us. There is so much you can do to help the recycling movement, even if you just start with your demolition project.

Find out if your demolition company recycles it's waste product and if not give us a call to see if we can help. We accept waste from a huge range of demolition companies as well as doing demolition works ourselves.

So, from now on, whether it is the staples in your tea bag to the entire bricks and mortar of your home, if you're choosing to dispose of it, choose to recycle it first. Make the best choice for our environment, recycle right.

For more information about our sustainable demolition or our recycling, call us today on 1300 326 476.


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Helpful advice to keep your costs down when building or extending your home

Posted on 9 June 2016
Helpful advice to keep your costs down when building or extending your home

Building your new home or extending your current home is a big financial investment but we can help you save money as well as the environment.

As most home owners know, building your own home or renovating/extending your home can cost a fortune. Just getting plans drawn up and permits lodged will cost you money and that's all before you have even started any works.

Here at EcoGroup we always try to find ways to preserve our environment but hopefully we can also save you some money too.

  • Buying recycled brick for your project can save you approximately 20% on your materials costs.
  • Choose cheaper bricks for your footings, internal walls or rendered walls. Our bricks go through a sorting a grading process whilst being put on pallets. Pallets are made from single job lots so that colour and type of brick can be kept consistent throughout the pallet. 
  • Lets use face red bricks as an example. Our best bricks are pallet-ed together and sold as A grade bricks (our most popular brick). So when buying large quantities, colour and grade of brick will be kept consistent. 
  • If a red comes through our processing line that isn't A grade quality but usually have at least one good face, we categorise these as rustics. Rustics even though consistent in colour and are red they are sold for a cheaper price.
  • Next down the grades are Builders. These bricks aren't always red. You can get a whole range of colours in the one pallet. You might not get a clean face with these bricks. Which is why they are great for internal walls or if you are rendering. They are sold at our cheapest price for whole bricks. Using Builders could save you thousands of dollars in your overall build costs.
  • Buy recycled roof tiles could save you up to 20% off your total roofing costs. Obviously this is dependent on the roof tile you choose and the amount of intricate ornaments and accessories that you can use to accompany your roof.

Here are just a few ways to save yourself some money during your building works. If you would like to hear more information about our range of bricks, then we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 1300 326 274.

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How far would you search for the perfect brick?

Posted on 7 June 2016
How far would you search for the perfect brick?

Finding your perfect brick.

When you have a clear idea in your mind of what you are looking for, nothing else will do. Espescially if you are designing your multi million dollar mansion on the Gold Coast.

This designer knew that they wanted to incorporate a rustic look into their modern contemporary home in the prestigioius Isle of Capri, QLD, and didn't stop the hunt until they found these gorgeous recycled bricks in Victoria. There isn't much supply available in Queensland of recycled bricks, so the designers had to head south.  No expense was spared and these feature wall bricks were freighted by road train all the way up the East coast. You must admit they look sensational in this exclusive residence.

You can see more images of the property here.

Bricks can vary in size, colour and texture and the slightest variance in colour can have a huge effect on your project. Blending can make a big impact but knowing the right bricks to blend is crucial to a perfect finish.

We are constantly helping customers from all over the country find their perfect brick.

Our team is highly skilled in finding you a unique blend or matching the brick you require perfectly. Come into our Clayton brick yard and see one of our helpful team. We can supply any project with a fantastic recycled brick option.


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