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How we make demolition sustainable

Posted on 19 July 2016
How we make demolition sustainable

How can a demolition company be sustainable?

Well we work hard at it. Constantly innovating new ways to re-use materials and recycle products.

Here's some insight into what we do.


Firstly, a 3rd party go into the buildings that are to be demolished and removed any salvageable items. Kitchens, bathrooms, floor boards, windows, doors, basically anything of value.

The roof is removed by hand if it is roof tiles. We remove the tiles, stack them on pallets and then send them back to our Clayton yard to be sold.

Then the excavators move in and carefully pull the building down. Careful not to cause too much damage to bricks and the surrounds.

All of this waste material is sent in bin trucks back to our recycling plant in Clayton until the site is completely cleared.

Once back at the Clayton yard, the trucks are weighed on our weighbridge and then sorted.

Timber is extracted

Metal is separated and resold.

Bricks are separated then go through a state of the art cleaning process and then re-stacked on pallets to sell.

All timber is shredded and either sold as Garden mulch or dried then compressed using another state of the art machine and made into briquettes for fires.

The soil is cleaned and then sold.

Any bricks that doesn't pass our stringent quality standards are crushed to make a variety of landscape toppings. Any rubble and concrete taken from site is crushed and added to some of the crushed brick to make road base material but most of the crushed brick is left pure.

Our highest quality and finest grade crushed brick is used for baseball and tennis court toppings.

There you have it! After that, there is nothing left. We try and use the lot. 

So if you're thinking about demolition, choose the better alternative for the planet. Choose EcoGroup.

If you're looking for recycled building or landscaping materials, come and have a look at our range.

60 Garden Road Clayton 1300 326 476 or look at our catalogue here.

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What our
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The beauty of using recycled bricks is that there is minimal movement when rendering.

Glenn Eagles

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