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Black Rock Surf Life Saving Club - Out with the old and in with the new

Posted on 12 April 2023
Black Rock Surf Life Saving Club - Out with the old and in with the new

EcoGroup has been working hard by the beach on the Black Rock Life Saving Club, assisting in the earthworks, excavation and site remediation of the existing building.

As a part of this process, EcoGroup has ensured the maintenance and integrity of the bordering land, providing and installing sheet piles to protect the native trees that surround. 

EcoGroup's demolition, excavation and site remediation model is driven by the goal to maintain the land, materials and a do-no-harm ethos. After a few overcast and more than a few beautifully sunny days by the beach, EcoGroup's role on this project comes to a close. 

This project has set the foundation for the new and improved Life Saving Club. 

Builder: Sj Higgins
Client: Bayside City Council

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Burwood Brickworks - Recycled Bricks and their impact

Posted on 13 February 2023
Burwood Brickworks - Recycled Bricks and their impact

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s East, the Burwood Brickworks has been officially named World’s Most Sustainable Shopping Centre, and EcoGroup’s premium recycled bricks had an integral part to play.

EcoGroup was approached by one of Melbourne’s most notable commercial construction companies - The Hacer Group in early 2018, with the daunting yet exciting task of creating a shopping centre that is founded on sustainability and a ‘do no harm’ ethos. Developed and owned by Frasers Property Group, this build incorporates EcoGroup premium, A-Grade Face Red Bricks to fashion the urban-style build.

EcoGroup’s recycled bricks assisted in the sustainability certification of this retail project, with the restoration of all our brick materials placing recycled bricks as the most planet-friendly option.

The Burwood Brickworks Centre “achieved Living Building Challenge® Petal Certification”, becoming the first retail development in the world to achieve this.

Find out more about EcoGroup’s Face Red Bricks here.

Client: Frasers Property

Builder: Hacer Group

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EcoGroup's part in the South Morang Early Parenting Centre

Posted on 1 February 2023
EcoGroup's part in the South Morang Early Parenting Centre

Projects that make a difference.

EcoGroup has been assisting in the valiant project by Mercy Health to help rebuild and assist the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in Whittlesea, aiding in the excavation and Earth Works of the South Morang site that will soon become one of the Early Parenting Centres promised by the Victorian Government.

Working with the building experts at Hutchinson, EcoGroup assisted in the prompt refinement and excavation of the land that the 14-unit project will be placed. Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas attended the site at 34 Anchorage Drive to view the works underway that herself and the Victorian Labor Party promised in late 2022.

The project is set to be completed in the later months of 2023, with the goal to house Indigenous families and assist in the nurturing of this vulnerable community in youth and in parenthood.  

For all enquiries call EcoGroup on 1300 326 476.

Get in-touch with the building experts at Hutchinson here:

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Christmas Holidays

Posted on 15 December 2016
Christmas Holidays

Christmas time has come round once again, and as much as we love delivering you high quality products and top notch service, we love holidays too!

As such, EcoGroup will be closed from 12pm Thursday 22 December and re-opening 7am Monday 9 January.


From all of us here at EcoGroup, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and prosperous new year!

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Our latest crush

Posted on 26 July 2016
Our latest crush

Why our crushed brick should be your next purchase.

We love having access to an amazing range of building materials that we can offer our customers that not only add character and charm but provide a great alternative to buying new products. 

Using recycled products lessens your carbon footprint in your build and helps divert materials from landfill so, really everybody wins.

But what happens to the materials that don't survive the demolition and cleaning process whole?

Well, we crush it!

All of our bricks go through a very stringent examination process to make sure they are in excellent condition. Anything that doesn't pass muster, gets separated out and then crushed.

We use different sized screens to make different sized crushed product.

Our reds get crushed into 2 sizes for sporting toppings, a dust and a 2.5ml, both of these products are used for tennis court toppings or baseball diamond toppings. 

We also make a variety of sizes in the red brick to use for garden bed toppings, driveway coverings, and a lot of landscapers use it for paths.

We don't always have just red bricks though, we receive a lot of concrete and general rubble or bricks of other colours.

With these materials we still crush but not to the small sizes of the red, we have a mixed rubble product that is 75mm and below. This is an amazing product for hall roads or access roads. As it is a recycled product it is much more economical than other options.

We also make a mixed colour crushed brick which we call a rainbow mix or eco mix depending on the size. This again is a great landscaping topping for garden beds and paths as you can see in this image below.

We also have a lot of customers using it for the access side of their houses or sub bases for plumbing or driveways.

If your looking for an aggregate product or a crushed topping of any description, why not compare our product and prices. You'll love what we have on offer.

See our range in our catalogue here or call Brett today to find out more 95181507.

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