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Burwood Brickworks - Recycled Bricks and their impact

Posted on 13 February 2023
Burwood Brickworks - Recycled Bricks and their impact

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s East, the Burwood Brickworks has been officially named World’s Most Sustainable Shopping Centre, and EcoGroup’s premium recycled bricks had an integral part to play.

EcoGroup was approached by one of Melbourne’s most notable commercial construction companies - The Hacer Group in early 2018, with the daunting yet exciting task of creating a shopping centre that is founded on sustainability and a ‘do no harm’ ethos. Developed and owned by Frasers Property Group, this build incorporates EcoGroup premium, A-Grade Face Red Bricks to fashion the urban-style build.

EcoGroup’s recycled bricks assisted in the sustainability certification of this retail project, with the restoration of all our brick materials placing recycled bricks as the most planet-friendly option.

The Burwood Brickworks Centre “achieved Living Building Challenge® Petal Certification”, becoming the first retail development in the world to achieve this.

Find out more about EcoGroup’s Face Red Bricks here.

Client: Frasers Property

Builder: Hacer Group

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The beauty of using recycled bricks is that there is minimal movement when rendering.

Glenn Eagles

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