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Australians are bad recyclers

Posted on 28 June 2016
Australians are bad recyclers

Do Australians understand how to recycle right?

In a recent article written for the ABC, a local landfill and recycling plant owner/operator (Mr Hannagan), commented that Australians as a whole are poor recyclers.

"You talk to Germans about [waste] and they'll pull the staple out of a tea bag to put it in the metal [recycling] bin," he said. "Then they'll open up the tea bag and that goes in the green waste bin and the rest of it goes in the paper bin and that's just how they live their life. "It's the same in Japan. They know that can go in that bin, and that bottle goes in that bin, and they'll take the labels off [because] it's just become part of their culture." In order for there to be a shift in Australia's recycling culture, Mr Hannagan believed there must first be an acknowledgement of the problem. "A lot of waste isn't getting processed, a lot of waste isn't getting recycled and it's ending up in landfills" he said.

It is a problem facing every city around Australia. With a growing population comes a growing amount of waste. What we choose to do with that waste impacts directly on our environment for future generations. Australians can recycle so much more than you would think.

Our business revolves around demolition but what many don't realise is that we recycle our waste materials rather than send that waste to landfill.

We have created our own recycling facility where all the materials are sorted, leaving a tiny 3% of the total demolition project to go to landfill. That's a whopping 97% of materials diverted from landfill.
Surely that number alone is enough to encourage demolition companies to send their waste to our recycling plant but instead, we still find companies that choose to send their waste to landfill, dumping it into giant holes in the ground. Even worse, there are companies out there that dump illegally as you can see in the picture above. This tip has risen in an abandoned field in Melbourne's north and is now so big authorities are struggling to know how to rectlfy the situation.

It makes no sense to us. There is so much you can do to help the recycling movement, even if you just start with your demolition project.

Find out if your demolition company recycles it's waste product and if not give us a call to see if we can help. We accept waste from a huge range of demolition companies as well as doing demolition works ourselves.

So, from now on, whether it is the staples in your tea bag to the entire bricks and mortar of your home, if you're choosing to dispose of it, choose to recycle it first. Make the best choice for our environment, recycle right.

For more information about our sustainable demolition or our recycling, call us today on 1300 326 476.


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