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Six things you need to do before starting a demolition.

Posted on 28 April 2016
Six things you need to do before starting a demolition.

Are you contemplating a demolition? Read this first.

Knock-down-rebuild seems to be the latest buzz word in the construction industry.
Every suburb has excavators and machines ploughing through the normally quiet residential streets in preparation to knock down either one huge old house to make way for multiple townhouses or an even larger mega mansion.

It seems so easy, just knock it down, clear the rubbish and get started on building, but it can get very complicated and extremely stressful if not done right.
Let us help you make this process a little less stressful.

1. Read your contract thoroughly.

We get customers all the time that don't understand things we are asking for or get a shock when we bring up tasks that they need to do.
We make sure all the details you need to know are clearly stated in the contract and every other demolisher would be the same.
So, to make sure you don't get any surprises or you are left unprepared and stressed out, read your contract from start to finish.

2. You need to handle the abolishments yourself.

Demolition works will not commence until all gas and electricity services have been abolished and not
just disconnected.
Due to privacy laws only the person who is an authorised account holder can arrange
gas and electricity abolishments through their service provider.
The abolishment of gas and electricity generally takes up to 20 business days with your service provider.
The cutting and sealing of sewers will only be required if your builder or architect advises that this is a
requirement. Should you require cut and seal of your sewer, you will need to organise a licensed
Water connection is required during the demolition and construction phases, as this is an Occupational
Health and Safety requirement. So, don't cut the water!

3. You may need council approval if you want to remove the trees on your block.

You will need to check with your local council if a Tree Permit is required to remove trees. Local councils
have regulations for tree removal. It may depend on the size or type of tree. Contact your
local council to check their regulations. Your local council website should have this information. This can be a lengthy process, so get this checked before you apply for demolition.

4. Get asset protection from your local council.

Demolition or building works will not commence until you have arranged Asset Protection via your local
council. Asset Protection is a council requirement. The permit is required in order to protect council
assets such as footpaths, kerb and channel, trees, pits/drains and nature strips from damage during the
transportation of equipment, machinery and building materials. Contact your local council for further

5. Almost every house has some asbestos in it, get it checked by a professional.

Almost every house built before 1993 will have some asbestos in it somewhere.
Whether you leave it to us or another company, asbestos is a serious business that needs to be managed by professionals. Don't mess about with your safety or the demolishers. Get it checked first.

6. Ensure the title of the property is in your name before applying for permits.

A Certificate of Title is the deed which shows the land description and registered
proprietor. In the event that you are unable to locate your Certificate of Title document
you can obtain a copy via Landata

We've put this info plus more into a helpful factsheet you can download here.

Here at EcoGroup we pride ourselves on being Australia's first green demolisher. We recycle up to 97% of all materials taken from a demolition site.

So when choosing your demolisher, make sure your old house isn't being sent straight to landfill. What a waste! Recycle Right. Choose EcoGroup.

For a quote, click here. Or call us on 1300 326 476.

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