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Salvaged items

Posted on 21 April 2016
Salvaged items

Salvaged items need a new home!

Every now and then we stumble across items when doing demolitions that are just too good not be given a second home. 

We always try and salvage these items so they can live another life and perhaps bring joy to someone's life in its current condition rather than being recycled. 

When we find these things we list them on various sites to try and sell them on or sometimes we keep them at our plant in the hope we can use them ourselves.

Here are a few of our salvaged items that we would love to see go to a new home. 

If you would like any further information, please get in touch with us or come down to our Clayton yard to see them in person.

Mobile Office/Classroom/Mobile home


Comes as one complete structure but is in 8 sections. Piped and cabled. Includes kitchenette and bathrooms. Carpeted and has curtains. Must arrange own transport to collect from Clayton Victoria. Approximately 21mx21m Front steps included. Electricity board included. Sections are 7.4m x 7.4m. Ceiling height is 2.6m.


Brick Saw


Three phase diamond blade brick saw. Still in working condition.


Blue Stone Saw


Handmade blue stone saw. Still in working condition.

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With EcoGroup, I was able to construct a period home which ensured an authentic and quality finish.

Michael Robinson

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