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Helpful advice to keep your costs down when building or extending your home

Posted on 9 June 2016
Helpful advice to keep your costs down when building or extending your home

Building your new home or extending your current home is a big financial investment but we can help you save money as well as the environment.

As most home owners know, building your own home or renovating/extending your home can cost a fortune. Just getting plans drawn up and permits lodged will cost you money and that's all before you have even started any works.

Here at EcoGroup we always try to find ways to preserve our environment but hopefully we can also save you some money too.

  • Buying recycled brick for your project can save you approximately 20% on your materials costs.
  • Choose cheaper bricks for your footings, internal walls or rendered walls. Our bricks go through a sorting a grading process whilst being put on pallets. Pallets are made from single job lots so that colour and type of brick can be kept consistent throughout the pallet. 
  • Lets use face red bricks as an example. Our best bricks are pallet-ed together and sold as A grade bricks (our most popular brick). So when buying large quantities, colour and grade of brick will be kept consistent. 
  • If a red comes through our processing line that isn't A grade quality but usually have at least one good face, we categorise these as rustics. Rustics even though consistent in colour and are red they are sold for a cheaper price.
  • Next down the grades are Builders. These bricks aren't always red. You can get a whole range of colours in the one pallet. You might not get a clean face with these bricks. Which is why they are great for internal walls or if you are rendering. They are sold at our cheapest price for whole bricks. Using Builders could save you thousands of dollars in your overall build costs.
  • Buy recycled roof tiles could save you up to 20% off your total roofing costs. Obviously this is dependent on the roof tile you choose and the amount of intricate ornaments and accessories that you can use to accompany your roof.

Here are just a few ways to save yourself some money during your building works. If you would like to hear more information about our range of bricks, then we would love to hear from you.

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