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Embracing Sustainability: EcoGroup's Coach House Grey Bricks

Posted by Marina Ward on 27 May 2024
Embracing Sustainability: EcoGroup's Coach House Grey Bricks

EcoGroup Coach House Grey Bricks featured in a stunning new home build in Melbourne, Australia

The Rise of Recycled Bricks in Construction

Recycled building materials are redefining the construction landscape with their environmental benefits and unique aesthetic appeal. Among these materials, EcoGroup's Coach House Grey Bricks stand out as a testament to the company’s dedication to eco-friendly building solutions.

The use of Coach House Grey's reflects a growing trend among conscious builders and homeowners who prioritise sustainability without sacrificing style. EcoGroup, as a pioneering advocate for green alternatives in the demolition, construction, and landscaping industries, has positioned itself as a leader in sustainability.

Why Choose Coach House Grey Bricks? 

  • Environmental Credentials: Each brick is part of EcoGroup’s mission to facilitate a circular economy, reducing waste and repurposing materials.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: The natural, subdued tones offer a versatile palette for both contemporary and traditional designs.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Beyond aesthetics, these bricks are part of groundbreaking advancements in green building materials.

Our Eco-Friendly Products: 

EcoGroup is committed to transforming the way we build. From the timeless charm of red face bricks to the practical beauty of recycled timber, every product is designed to leave a lasting, positive impact on the environment.

The Beauty of Building with EcoGroup 

Choosing to build with EcoGroup is not only a decision for the environment; it’s a statement of commitment to quality. These bricks, with their unique grey hue and texture, deliver a distinct character to any construction or landscaping project. Architects and designers seeking to impart an authentic, yet refined touch to their builds often turn to these sustainable bricks for their reliability and inherent beauty.

Design Possibilities with Coach House Grey's

  • Residential Builds: Impart a serene and elegant ambiance to homes while ensuring structural integrity.
  • Commercial Spaces: Create standout facades that command attention and respect for their green footprint.
  • Landscaping: Utilise them for brick garden edging or pavers, providing a durable and attractive outdoor solution.

An Interview on Building with Purpose 

An inspiring interview with Rebecca Sail who utilised EcoGroup's Coach House Grey Bricks in her new home build, provides insight into her journey from inspiration to execution.

1. Initial Inspiration: The single Victorian home featured a heritage overlay on a narrow block. We aimed to respect this overlay while creating a home that was filled with light and space, maintaining a gentle ambience throughout.

2. Choice of EcoGroup's Bricks: We primarily chose EcoGroup's Coach House Grey's for their environmental credentials. The EcoGroup team was also extremely knowledgeable about which brick would offer the best aesthetics. We desired a unique look but needed uniformity as well.

3. Alignment with Design Aesthetic: Using recycled bricks with a soft-textured paint finish has lent authenticity to our home’s internal environment. The uniformity of the square grey bricks delivered a modern, simplistic design. We also planned for the bricks to extend into the courtyard area, enhancing the sense of space and the seamless integration of outdoor and indoor areas.

4. Design Process: The design process was highly collaborative, involving our family, an architect for the initial plans, and a collaborative masonry and builder during the construction process. Regular meetings ensured that everyone's vision and expertise were integrated into the design.

5. Role of Sustainability: Sustainability was a key consideration in our decisions, from the home's layout to maximise natural light and heat to the choice of construction materials, ensuring everything had a low environmental impact.

6. Importance of Environmental Impact and Selection: The environmental impact of building materials was critically important in our design strategy. We were meticulous about the products selected and considered their environmental impact. Using Australian products was also paramount; our brick selection meets both criteria, being environmentally sustainable having a history, sourced from an Australian company focused on sustainability.

7. Reflecting on Choices: Looking back, we would absolutely make the same choices regarding sustainable materials. They have met our environmental goals and exceeded our aesthetic expectations. In fact, if I had to build again, I would design the entire home to be passive.

8. Advice on Using Recycled Materials: I would advise someone considering recycled materials to research thoroughly and consult with experts. It’s crucial to understand the quality and source of the materials to ensure they fit the project both aesthetically and structurally. Service is also important; EcoGroup not only supported us with selection but delivered after-sales customer service with successful deliveries to a very small inner-city street, correct invoicing and a professional approach in all communication.

9. What I Love Most: What I love most about our home is the light and tranquillity it offers; the textures greatly contribute to this. The thermal benefits of the bricks eliminate the need for air conditioning and sitting in the courtyard on a hot Saturday afternoon looking into the lounge space, it becomes immediately obvious that EcoGroup's Coach House Greys have been integral in achieving a balance of the right sustainable choice, a modern aesthetic, and a liveable lifestyle.

The story of EcoGroup's bricks is not just one of reuse but of reinvigoration, infusing life and purpose into each brick that makes its way from historic structures to modern homes.

The new home build in Victoria Australia, effortlessly bridges the interior to the exterior.

Crafting Your Space with EcoGroup's Sustainable Solutions 

EcoGroup's products, especially the Coach House Grey's, offer more than just material for construction—they provide a canvas for creating spaces that are environmentally respectful and aesthetically pleasing. With a broad range of products that blend sustainability with innovation, EcoGroup enables customers to craft their spaces conscientiously, ensuring that every choice is one that they can be proud of for years to come.

Whether it’s the rustic appeal of red bricks for a warm, inviting home atmosphere, or the sophisticated touch of grey bricks for a sleek, modern look, EcoGroup’s offerings cater to diverse tastes and needs, all while championing the cause of the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are the environmental benefits of using EcoGroup's recycled bricks?

A: By recycling bricks, energy used to process landfills is conserved. Water usage is reduced when no new units are produced. Additionally, greenhouse gases are reduced. This is why we believe eco bricks are the best choice.

Q: Can EcoGroup's recycled bricks be used for both indoor and outdoor applications?

A: Absolutely, we have a wide range of products that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor, our clinkers make excellent brick pavers. When thinking of retaining wall ideas, our builder bricks come to mind.

Q: Does EcoGroup offer PGH Bricks or Austral Bricks?

A: We offer recycled products which come from a range of producers, our team are happy to help support you with our brick matching solutions.

Planning A New Build?  Build With EcoGroup 

Building with EcoGroup’s Coach House Grey Bricks is more than a construction choice—it’s a lifestyle decision that honours the past, cherishes the present, and safeguards the future. As we embrace these sustainable bricks in our projects, we contribute to a movement that values not only the beauty of our built environment but also the well-being of our natural world.


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