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Recycled building materials are the best choice

Posted on 17 May 2016

This eye catching home in California, USA has taken wings from a 747 aeroplane to form a roof. Genius! What a gorgeous example of recycling materials and creating jaw-dropping architectural designs. You can read more about this house here on deezeen.com

We have local designers who have recycled materials before to create some inspirational designed homes and buildings. One of our favourites is Joost Bakker whom we have featured numerous times on the EcoGroup Instagram page.

But really, any person choosing EcoGroup's products is in fact utilising recycled products for their building as all of our materials are recycled.

Have you seen our recycled crushed brick?

Some people can get a little confused by just how we create these amazing products.

Let us shed some light on it for you.

We demolish houses and buildings around Victoria. The materials from these demolition jobs comes to our Clayton yard where we have numerous machines that sift, separate, and sort the materials. Any brick that comes through our cleaning process is stacked in pallets and re-sold.

The bricks that don't meet our high standards get put aside to be crushed.

Various sized screens are placed under our crushing machines and these screens sort our crushed brick into various sizes. We supply everything from brick dust for tennis court toppings all the way through to 75mm products that can create access roads.

Landscapers and gardeners love our products for creating beautiful paths, driveways, providing sub-base and drainage with our aggregates or simply as a garden bed topping similar or mulch.

So why not choose to divert these materials from landfill, recycle right! Contact us today for more information. 


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