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Why you should be mulching your garden this weekend

Posted on 5 May 2016

The best time to Mulch is now

It is autumn in Melbourne right now and the weather is starting to turn.
The days are getting shorter. The weather is turning colder and we are getting more and more rain.

You would think that your garden would love this time of year, plenty of water and less scorching sunshine to burn leaves but the summer sun also warms the ground which helps the roots or our garden plants grow.

The soil needs to continue to stay warm so the plants are able to survive throughout the winter.

Here's where mulching comes in.

If you use our 100% recycled timber mulch to cover your gardens now, they will stay warm for the winter, providing a nice cosy blanket for your garden.

It also ensures topsoil isn't washed away in strong rains. As soil erosion can be a real problem in some areas.

The best bit is if you lay it now, it will help stop the weeds coming through in spring time and and will mean you have to spend less time in your garden out in the cold and rain over the colder winter months.

It makes sense really, put the hard yards in now, lay the mulch over your entire garden and let our recycled timber mulch do the hard work for you.

By choosing recycled timber mulch you are also turning timber that was destined for landfill back into nature and helping save the planet. Which we think is the best reason of all to get mulching!

We have a great special on our timber mulch. Call us today for more details. 1300 326 274

You can read more about our 100% recycled timber mulch here.

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