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The King(s) of Clay

Posted on 17 January 2017
The King(s) of Clay

With the Australian Open beginning this week and the tennis season in full swing, we thought we'd take the opportunity chat about Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay, and the tennis court cover product EcoGroup creates from 100% recycled materials. Ace!

4 facts about Rafa:

1. Rafael Nadal was born 3 June 1986 in Manacor Spain, and was introduced to tennis at the age of 3 by his uncle, clearly a wise man.
2. Alongside tennis, Rafa also played football, however at the age of 12, as tennis and football were taking up a lot of his time, he had to choose one. He chose tennis. Also clearly a wise young man!
3. Fast forward roughly 15 years, and Nadal reaches his prime and is crowned the 'King of Clay' after winning the French Open 9 times in his first 10 attempts (90% win rate). Fun fact: For those who aren't aware, the French Open is unique in that it is one of the few open events to be played on clay.
4. Nadal is the only player to have won all three clay court Masters 1000 events in the same calendar year along with the French Open in 2010 thus giving him the "Clay Slam".

4 facts about EcoGroup's tennis court coverings:

1. At EcoGroup, we produce the glorious product called red porous crushed brick that Rafa loves to play on. (So that makes us the Kings of Clay too, right?)
2. Tennis aficionados will also be familiar with the name "en tout cas" (pronounced en-te-car), often used to describe red clay tennis courts.
3. We make our red porous crushed brick from 100% red recycled bricks.
4. Not only do we not harm the environment whilst creating our tennis court cover product, we save the environment by keeping the bricks from landfill.

So, if you are a tennis enthusiast, or club owner, or just love to get out on the clay courts and have a hit, why not consider us next time you need to refresh your courts? Not only can you channel your inner Rafa, you can help save the environment as well. 

Download our tennis court red porous crushed brick product brochure here.


Image Credit: https://lothloripen.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/the-king-of-clay/


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